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Bokus - Köp böckerna billigare - Låga priser & snabb leverans List the values of uncirculated and collector canadian coins including silver dollars, numismatic sets and Olympic Games coins. Auctions prices realized. Find the market price of canadian coins, based on auctions sales of canadian coins from different auctioneers and online auctions. Grading. To recognize canadian coins grades with the help of descriptions and pictures. Errors and varieties. List the types of errors and varieties with descriptions as well as how these errors have been. In January 2003, at a previous auction sale of this coin, a $1 Canadian coin was sold for. The Royal Canadian Mint was the world's first refinery to produce 9999 gold (99.99% pure) bullion coins in 1982. In 1999, the Mint excelled again by being the first to achieve 99999 (99.999%) fine gold purity The value of a canadian coin depends on several factors such as quality and wear, supply and demand, rarity, finish and more. Values in the section are based on the market, trends, auctions and recognized books, publications and catalogs. This section also includes information on history, errors, varieties, characteristics and more. 1-cent coins

Pure Gold Coin - 100th Anniversary of Canada's Coat of Arms - Mintage: 3,000 (2021) $499.95 CAD $407.41 USD 81% SOLD! 1.5 oz. Pure Silver Gold-Plated Coin - Classic Mountie Hat - Mintage: 6,500 (2020) $229.95 CAD $187.39 US Now:CAD $99.95. Was: Canada: 2019 $1 The 75th Anniversary of D-Day 2019 Proof Silver Dollar Design: Designed by Tony Bianco, your coin steps back in time to the morning of June 6, 1944, as the first wave of Canadian troops storms Juno Beach Our Price: $25.00 ** Tax Exempt **. (out of stock) 2015 $100 for $100 Canadian Horse - Pure Silver Coin *SOLD OUT AT THE MINT* Usually ships in 3 to 5 business days. Our Price: $120.00 ** Tax Exempt **. (out of stock) 2015 $50 for $50 Beaver - Pure Silver Coin Usually ships in 3 to 5 business days Canada: 2021 $20 & 2 Pound A Royal Celebration Two Coin Pure Silver Set Design: Includes 2 Coins: 2021 $20 Fine Silver Coin - The Queen Elizabeth II Equestrian Monument and 2021 £2 Silver Proof Coin - The 95th Birthday of..

Coin value - $3-4 . 1 dollar 1979 (1978-1987) nickel Diameter 32.1 mm. Weight 15.50 g. DOLLAR / CANADA / 1979 / Canoe travelers ELIZABETH II D G REGINA / Queen's head right KM#120 Coin value - $3-4 . 1 dollar (loonie) 1989 (1987-1989) aureate-bronze plated nickel Diameter 26.5 mm. Weight 7.0 g. DOLLAR / CANADA / 1989 / loon righ Canadian Mint coins come in gold, silver, and platinum. Most of the gold coins you can buy are 99.999% pure gold. The Royal Canadian Mint was the first to mint to that standard. With silver, you are normally buying 99.999% or 99.99% fine Face Value: Silver Value (USD) 1920-1967 Dime: $0.10: $1.6697: 1967-1968 Dime (50% silver) *** $0.10: $1.0436: 1920-1967 Quarter: $0.25: $4.1744: 1967-1968 Quarter (50% silver) *** $0.25: $2.6090: 1920-1967 Half Dollar: $0.50: $8.3489: 1935-1967 Dollar: $1.00: $16.6979 *** The Canadian Mint issued two compositions of the dime and quarter in 1967 and again in 1968 In similar fashion to the 1936 dot coins, the mint placed a tiny maple leaf next to the date on the coins to signify that they were struck in 1948. The listed mintage for these coins is 21,135 but it is also a rare silver dollar

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  1. Buy & sell Royal Canadian Mint coins, bars and collectibles at Colonial Acres Coins. Browse our large numismatic selection now
  2. Coin: Silver Melt Value: Silver Content (Troy Ounces): Canadian Silver Five-Cent Coins: 1911-1919 George V - 92.5% Silver 5-Cent Coin 1920-1921 George V - 80% Silver 5-Cent Coin Canadian Silver Dimes: 1911-1919 George V - 92.5% Silver Dim
  3. The 1911 Canadian silver dollar is also called the Emperor of Canadian coins. It is one of the most expensive and rarest coins from Canada. It set a record of in 1965 being the World's Most Valuable Coin (Guinness Book of World Records) for its price of $55,000
  4. ations, with face values ranging from $5 to $50. Platinum coins, of course, are worth more than their symbolic face value
  5. ion of Canada, Chartered notes in stock. Coin and paper currency supplies, pages, albums, reference guides

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Mint condition means you're looking at prices in the tens of thousands of dollars. More info here. 1875 H Queen Victoria Quarter. Worth tens of thousands in a mint state, this coin can get you between $500 and $1,000 even in low grade states. This coin is often called the Queen of Canadian Quarters and is apparently the rarest Victoria. Canada's silver Superman coins have been like kryptonite to the bottom line of the Royal Canadian Mint. In 2011, the mint began selling a series of silver collectible coins, with a face value of.

Among numismatists, the 1921 50-cent coin is considered the rarest Canadian circulation coin and is known as The King of Canadian coins. As of 2012 a 1921 50 cents in MS-65 condition is valued at $250,000 to $350,000 Several coins originating from the Royal Canadian Mint are considered mainstays in coin collections and are valuable items to add to an investment portfolio. In addition to coins in annual programs, the Royal Canadian Mint also produces commemorative products and precious metals bars

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  1. At Canadian Coin & Currency, we make coin collecting accessible to all of Canada through our television coin shows on The Shopping Channel. We are also a top level Authorized Royal Canadian Mint Distributor, offering all new Royal Canadian Mint products. LEARN MORE. PHONE: 905.883.5300. TOLL FREE: 1.888.236.2646
  2. This gold coin is also produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and features the iconic elk on its reverse as well as the profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. These coins carry a face value of $200 (CAD) and are considered good, legal tender
  3. ted by the RCM Mint. The Royal Canadian Mint has produced its noteworthy coins since 1908, and starting with the year 1988, the Mint began manufacturing silver bullion coins

Total Coins: Total Face Value: Orig. Issue Price: Avg. Buy Price: Avg. Sell Value: 1970: 2,038,134: 10: $1.33: $2.50: $15.00: $10.50: 1970 Sm. Date Cent * ^ 10: $1.33: $2.50: $45.00: $35.00: 1971: 2,193,396: 11: $1.83: $3.50: $4.00: $2.20: 1972: 2,750,000: 11: $1.83: $3.50: $4.00: $2.20: 1973: 1,767,691: 13: $3.83: $6.00: $9.50: $7.30: 1974: 1,975,981: 13: $3.83: $6.00: $8.00: $5.00: 1975: 1,921,488: 12: $3.82: $6.00: $7.00: $3.8 Canada 1867-1967 6 Coin Confederation Silver Mint Set 1.1OZ ASW #MF-T2259. $29.00. 2 bids. $3.99 shipping. Ending Saturday at 6:59PM PDT. 4d 22h

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While the Royal Canadian Mint first issued a silver dollar in 1935 (the Silver Jubilee), the Canadian Maple Leaf coins were first minted in 1988. The coin has changed in appearance slightly over the years, with commemorative designs being released for various occasions, such as the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the 20-year coin anniversary. The obverse of these Canadian coins feature Queen Elizabeth II, some as a younger Queen, some as a middle-aged Queen, and some as the present-day Queen The 10 coins were also available in a green felt case with an Olympic logo on the outside and a Royal Canadian Mint medallion on the inside. The cost was $370. The medallion could be removed and the gold coin, offered separately, could be placed into its place

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eBay Is Here For You with Money Back Guarantee and Easy Return. Get Your Shopping Today! Looking For Great Deals? We Have Almost Everything on eBay A sovereign is a British one-pound gold coin that was struck at the Royal Canadian Mint from 1908 to 1919. The 1916 C gold sovereign is rare, with about fifty known. The value of uncirculated 1916 Gold Sovereigns range from $33,300 to $218,000 CAD. Source All those different quarters and stuff in circulation are just that. Circulation coins. Maybe if there's a whole set a collector will pay a few dollars over face value for the convenience of getting it all at once, but they're generally not worth more than face value. That being said, the Canadian Mint does make genuine collectable coins

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The Royal Canadian Mint will expand its offerings of silver collector coins sold at face value with a 2-ounce, $200 coin beginning Sept. 2. The coin shows the Towering Forests, the first in the. There are few world coin products as popular as the 1967 Canada proof-like coin set. It was among a long-running series of annual proof-like coin sets that contain one example of each denomination of Canadian coins minted in the 1960s, including the one-cent coin, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and silver dollar

Canadian Dime (1967-1968): Silver Content=.0375 Troy ounces,Gross Wt.=2.33grams. Canadian Quarter (1967-1968): Silver Content=.0937 Troy ounces, Gross Wt.=5.81 grams. By mid-1968, silver was removed from all Canadian circulating coins of these denominations. To determine the approximate silver melt value of a Silver Canadian Coin , multiply the. Buy Canadian mint coins online with Canadian bullion. 416-214-4299 . 866-901-0600. Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing delays and unprecedented order volumes, please expect a shipping delay. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Skip to Content . Currency. CAD. USD - US. Intrinsic value: The actual value of the coin, based on key factors including what you paid for it, plus the historic value, aesthetic features, mint year, scarcity/rarity (mintage), and. Royal Canadian Mint The Royal Canadian Mint has been providing Canadians with circulating coinage since 1908, and now strikes upwards of an impressive one billion circulation coins each year. For collectors, however, with an ever-increasing production of Proof and Uncirculated coins, now is the time to see what the Royal Canadian Mint has to offer With the expected .9999 fineness and a Royal Canadian Mint guarantee of weight and quality, these second-largest Maple Leafs carry a legal tender value of $25 Canadian and 1/2 troy ounce of gold. Just like the 1-ounce Maple Leafs, these smaller coins also give the added security measure of light-diffracting radial lines new to 2015 and, as always, the guarantee of 1/2 OZ OR PUR and four 9s

Value of Canadian One Cent Coins with Elizabeth II. The value is approx. the average price with which US dealers sell these coins. The values depend very strongly on the grade of the coins. If the grade is better than xf the coin could be worth much more! Information about coin grading like vf and xf and mintmarks like D and S . One Cent Coins. Royal Canadian Mint: A High Standard for Excellence and Innovation. Canada's official mint, The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), makes some of the most popular gold bullion and silver bullion coins on the market. RCM operates two minting facilities which produce everything from Canada's circulation coins to bullion coins, medals, and circulation coins on behalf of other nations At times, the Royal Canadian Mint has even achieved .99999 pure gold content in its Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. Each Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is available in 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, 1/20 oz, and now 1 Gram. The coins have face values according to their fractional weight, based upon the $50 (CAD) value of the 1 oz. coin The Royal Canadian Mint produced most of its silver dollars from 1935 to 1966. These coins were some of the last 80% silver (or higher) coins made by the mint until 2009, when the mint produced a silver dollar to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first flight of the Silver Dart Jul 2, 2013 - A selection of Canadian coin sets, offered for sale, including 1976 Olympics Ten and Five Dollars. Jul 2, 2013 2005 Canadian Mint Coin Sets. Mint Coins Silver Coins Old Coins Rare Coins Dollar Coin Value Coin Band Canadian Coins Two Dollars Coin Values. More information..

This coin is .9999 pure silver, making the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf one of the purest government minted coins on the market, making it well above the industry standard of 99.9% fineness. Additionally, the coin carries a face value of five Canadian dollars, the highest face value found on any silver coin The Mint produces commemorative circulation coins as a means to assist in the promotion of Canada's heritage as well as Canadian values, culture, and history, wrote staff 2021 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf $50 Coin .9999 Fine BU. The Gold Maple Leaf coins are one of the best gold coins to invest in for their high gold content and worldwide recognition. Now, you can order the 2021 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins from Bullion Exchanges. Every year, we are honored to carry this popular series The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is made with 999.9 percent fine gold, and carries a varying face value based on weight. (Earlier editions of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf were made with 999 percent fine gold). The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is produced by the world-renowned Royal Canadian Mint. The RCM is known for producing some of the highest.


  1. The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most respected in the world for its commitment to making products with 99.99 percent silver purity to ensure top quality and value. Additionally, the artistry of Canadian silver coins is exceptional, and you would do your coin collection or investment portfolio a favor by purchasing one of these precious coins
  2. ted by the Royal Canadian Mint and been replaced with lab equipment
  3. Silver. Year: 1958, 1961, 1965, 1966. Item Description: Lot of two Canadian 80% silver dollars and two 80% silver half dollars. Years are 1958, 1961, 1965, 1966. Bidding will start at $69.99. The coins in the picture are the actual coins you will receive. Please grade the coins yourself based on the pictures provided
  4. tmark. Since this coin has no
  5. ted since 1960. If you are looking for unique and valuable Canadian coin rolls to add to your collection, this is a good place to start
  6. George VI (1937 - 1952) Elizabeth II (1953 - 2011) 20 Cents. Mint State (1858) Specimen (1858) 25 Cents. Mint State. Victoria (1870 - 1901) Edward VII (1902 - 1910
  7. Royal Canadian Mint Royal Canadian Mint Canadian Silver Dollar $1 Face Value Circulation 80% Pure Silver Coin Each silver dollar ($1 face value) contains approximately 0.6 oz of silver. Exact years will be random and are our choice, but each coin will be 80% silver (either 1967 and earlier or special edition 80% silver in later years)

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf was the first gold coin to be minted in high purity of .9999 gold. Introduced in 1979 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Gold Maple Leaf is 1 Oz. of pure gold with a denomination of $50. The reverse features the Canadian Maple Leaf, while the obverse displays a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II An ultra-rare Canadian penny has been sold at a U.S. coin auction for more than 25 million times its face value — about $253,000. The 1936 dot cent penny is famous in coin-collecting. The Royal Canadian Mint excels in high purity bullion coins, and the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin was the first gold coin ever to be minted at .9999 fineness (99.99% pure gold). Like the American Gold Eagle Coin, the Canadian Gold Maple Coin is purchased more frequently than many other modern gold bullion coins, particularly in North America Coin Price Guide for Beginners (View the U.S. Currency Pricing Guide). How much is my coin worth? Looking for a place to find coin values or current coin prices? This is our basic coin price guide for people who are unfamiliar with coins but want to find out about old coin values

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Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins. The Canadian Wildlife Series silver coins are among the most popular collectible bullion coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. The six-coin collection launched in 2011 and featured 1 Troy oz silver coins with .9999 pure silver content and a face value of $5 (CAD) Coins in the series are each minted to the exacting standards collectors and investors have come to expect from the Royal Canadian Mint for their bullion products including a composition of .9999. In response to the Canadian government's decision to discontinue the use of pennies as Canadian cash tender, the Royal Canadian Mint ceased to distribute pennies on February 4, 2013. Considering the substantial costs of production and handling in relation to the value of the coin, it is estimated that taxpayers will benefit from a savings of $11 million per year due to the phase-out of the. Dime (Canadian coin) In Canada, a dime is a coin worth ten cents. It is the smallest (in physical size) of the currently issued Canadian coins. According to the Royal Canadian Mint, the official national term of the coin is the 10 cent piece, but in practice, the term dime predominates in English-speaking Canada - Legal tender in Canada with a $20 CAD face value. - 24k gold coin with a fine 9999 gold purity. - Bought and sold with a price premium above the world's fluctuating gold spot price. - Arrive in protective flips or Royal Canadian Mint tubes. - Private gold investment which can be held completely outside of the world financial system

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The Royal Canadian Mint hires artists to design its coins, and a look at its Canadian Raindrop Series from 2008 to 2012 depicts the care the mint takes to produce innovative, attractive designs. On top of this, Canadian coins are 99.99 percent pure fine silver, adding a decimal point to the usual 99.9 percent purity of other mints, ensuring that Canadian coins are made from the very best fine. Celebrate the history and artistry of Canadian circulation coinage with this pure silver 5-cent piece—part of the Royal Canadian Mint's new 7-coin series featuring current and historical Canadian circulation coins selectively rose gold-plated. STUNNING! An important addition for any collector interested in Canadian mi

Free Shipping on Online Orders over £200. Shop Now. HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021. A statement from The Royal Mint. Recommended. Brilliant Uncirculated Coin. The Who 2021 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coloured Coin. Limited Edition 10,000. Price: £22.50 US Mint selection of numismatic items include gold, silver and platinum coins, program coins, annual and proof sets, commemorative and uncirculated coins The Royal Canadian Mint introduced the gold Maple Leaf coin in 1979, seven years before the US Mint began minting US Mint coins, like the American Eagle.Today the gold mint coin is sold worldwide to investors who appreciate the iconic Maple Leaf design, the purity and the tradeability it offers. You can build your own personal stash of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins through Money Metals Exchange Royal Canadian Mint Royal Canadian Mint 1967 Canadian Silver Dollar $1 Face Value Circulation 80% Pure Silver Coin Buy this single year of issue silver dollar, originally minted in 1967 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Each $1 face value silver dollar contains approximately 0.6 ounces of pure silver. Nicknamed the flying goose, the reverse of the coin displays a. US coin values listed by type. Images identify each coin and minimum values for each type. Use as a mobile guide to find what the common dates within each series are worth. A step by step method is used to recognize important dates, mintmarks, designs, and condition

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  1. The Royal Canadian Mint will expand its offerings of silver collector coins sold at face value with a 2-ounce, $200 coin beginning Sept. 2. The coin shows the Towering Forests, the first in the.
  2. t error, knowing the type of coin and the Canadian Silver Coin Melt it is important to use multiple resources to deter
  3. ishes, but their lingering value is invariably in their face. In sum, when trying to find your silver coin's value, be sure to check its ASW, spot price, face value, and
  4. The oldest trophy in North American sports is being immortalized with a coin in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup by producing a limited.
  5. HALIFAX— The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a glow-in-the-dark coin that captures the eerie scene more than 50 years ago when awestruck witnesses reporting each coin has a face value of $20

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However, since the coin may have been produced in large quantities in one mint and much smaller quantities in another, the mint that struck the coin can be extremely important in determining its value. Let's take a look at the 1894 dime and I think you will understand why a mintmark can make a difference in the value of a coin Royal Canadian Mint to Australia: Destroy $2 million worth of poppy coins or hand them over Court documents allege the Royal Australian Mint used without permission a printing method patented by. Value Of Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Mini Plates Is Platinum Used In Medical Procedures Worth Selling. Silver Content And Value Of 1976 Montreal Olympic Coins. We receive many coins and many people interested in selling their coins every week, some people have old Canadian coinage, some people have old US coinage In 2007, when the mint unveiled the coin, heralded as Big Maple Leaf due to the leaf on its reverse, buyers came forward, looking for something shiny to jam into their piggy banks

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Most coin roll hunters in Canada will sort through boxes of nickels looking for coins that were minted before 1982. These are the coins that you will most likely have the best success of finding. Make sure you hoard all of these pre-1982 nickels when coin roll hunting since they are made of 99.9% nickel Royal Canadian Mint. Available in 1/10, ¼, ½ & 1 ounce Coin. CALL FOR LOWEST PRICING COIN FEATURES >. IRA ELIGIBLE The Royal Canadian Mint issued a very limited number of special edition Silver Maple Leaf coins in 1998. These $5 coins displayed a smallI 'Titanic ship Privy Mark. The Privy Mark was located on the reverse side of the coin, below the Maple Leaf design. The coins were issued to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic The world coin that has the largest ratio of size per monetary value is the Canadian mint $1,000,000 coin. The Canadian mint $1,000,000 coin weighs 100 kilograms The coin has been popular with investors for many years and has been minted in several special editions, including a 2007 issuance of coins with face values of one million Canadian dollars. The Gold Buffalo Coin was not introduced until 2006, when the Presidential 41 Coin Act of 2005 was passed

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Mint apologizes for commemorative coin veterans' group calls flawed Man claims to have found first silver piece minted by the U.S. Mint gets lit: Glow-in-the-dark toonie unveiled for Canada 15 US Mint Sets & Proof Sets. They're the pride of the US Mint - official US Mint and Proof Sets! These annual coin sets represent the best of the best - examples of each regular-issue coin for any given year, presented together in officially-sealed packaging Coin collectors know there is a large range when it comes to the value of different types and mints of coins. While the fair market value of each coin is subject to change depending on how much a particular mint is bought for at an auction at any given time, there are certain coins that command perennial interest and value All of these coins are .9999 fine, meaning they are 99.99% pure precious metal. This extra-pure gold, silver, and platinum is above the standard used by the rest of the world's government mints. The Royal Canadian Mint holds the honor of being the first refinery in the world to achieve .9999 fine gold

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Royal Canadian Mint (1920-1967) Weights / Denominations : 0.2925 troy ounces silver per coin. Face Value = $0.50 (Canadian) Front Design : The front (obverse) side of the 80% Canadian silver half-dollar coin includes a bust portrait of various British monarchs, including (in order) George V, George VI and Elizabeth II The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 1oz Coin is the official bullion gold coin of Canada, and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf bullion gold coin is one of the world's most stylish and popular gold bullion coins, and is highly demanded throughout the gold investing world, in Asia (including here in New Zealand), as well as Europe and the US This 2020-W Canada 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Burnished $5 Coin NGC MS70 FR With Mint COA Black Core Holder Exclusive Canada Label is proudly minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Royal Canadian Mint was founded in 1908 as a branch of The Royal Mint Canada has produced Silver MAPLE LEAF $5 coins since 1988. Each contains 1 troy ounce of pure 99.99% SILVER and has a $5 face value. The obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse the Canadian Maple Leaf. Over the years the Royal Canadian Mint changed the image of the queen on the Maple Leaf Silver coins several times Buy 100 oz Silver Bar Royal Canadian Mint RCM .9999 Fine Bullion Ingot - 100 oz Silver Bars at BGASC. Low Prices, In Stock, Fast Shipping. Call Us (888) 992-4272 or Buy Online at BGASC.com. Quality is a signature of Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars. With a new design in 2016, each 100 oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint ingot is stamped with the mint logo, weight, and fineness

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Sells for 8,000 | CoinNewsUS Mint Gold $5 Commemorative Coin BU/PF

The Royal Canadian Mint is planning to issue pure gold and pure silver coins to commemorate the upcoming canonization of Pope John Paul II. The mint will produce a 99.99 per cent pure gold coin. US Mint Proof Set Values. Us Mint proof set values chart. Collecting of proof coins in sets is a popular part of the coin collecting community. Dating back to 1955 these sets of coins with their packaging protect and preserve the special proof qualities imparted to the surface of the coins With the insignia of the Royal Canadian Mint, encircled by the name in both English and French, the 1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint Bar in the new design is a prestigious gold bullion bar to include in your collection A coin with a face value of $2.50, this Gem coin is the finest example of the rarest U.S. coin. During the early years of the Mint, coins were produced only when private depositors of gold and silver bullion ordered them. Only 2,710 Capped Draped Bust Quarter Eagle coins were produced in 1808, and this design was only produced in that year

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